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domaine d'intervention


World Trading & Services is a company that invests in the design, execution, monitoring and control of all infrastructure works, and rehabilitation of works, in partnership with engineering and consulting firms with proven experience and know-how in the field:


  • Public buildings
  • Administrative buildings
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • School buildings
  • The shopping centers
  • Warehouses


In addition, the company is able to provide all materials and equipment that meet the standards and requirements of our customers in a timely manner.



The actions of World Trading & Services are also focused on the following:

  • The implementation of projects related to the agricultural sector
  • Drilling and rehabilitation of water wells for irrigation of cultivable land
  • The creation and support of agricultural cooperatives involved in income generating activities.
  • Capacity building of farmers and breeders through training cycles on crucial themes
  • The harmful health consequences of the excessive use of pesticides and their impact on the environment in general
  • Good practices in the use of seed varieties and seeds adapted to the local climate
  • The awareness of all stakeholders involved in the agricultural sector on the management of water resources to cope with water shortages, soil erosion, the development of monocultures and poultry sector, the protection of crops against pests
  • Technical support to ongoing agricultural projects based on our expertise and know-how

The use of renewable energies (solar, wind and hydroelectric) for pumping water from wells, irrigating land and generating electricity.

Eventually, in the perspective of significantly improving the yield of crops, World Trading & Services intends to introduce in partnership with a foreign operator drones designed for real-time monitoring of agricultural fields as well as the spreading of seeds on cultivable areas


The supply of materials and equipment meet the technical specifications of the customer.



In order to boost the local economy and stimulate sustained growth, World Trading & Services is able to offer assistance and technical support to potential foreign investors who wish to initiate long-term structuring projects in diversified sectors such as

  • The processing industries
  • Extractive industries
  • Industrial fishing and the export of fishery products
  • Agriculture and agri-food
  • Construction and rehabilitation of roads, buildings and structures

Among other things, our company is able to :

  • Facilitate administrative procedures
  • Helping investors with tax exemptions and timely approvals.
  • Availability of qualified manpower in different specialties:
  • Create partnerships with local operators
  • Helping investors transfer their dividends abroad
  • Helping to obtain the investment code that meets the desires of foreign investors
  • Free disposal of capital and assets in case of cessation of activities.



World Trading & Services is able to assist and support the following companies and foreigners wishing to operate in the field of mining in Mauritania:


  • Availability of research and mining exploration permits
  • Supply of mining materials and equipment that meet the client's technical specifications
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Logistical support
  • The availability of a workforce with expertise and proven know-how in various fields of competence: mechanical drilling, electricity, electromechanics, engineering, industrialization and control, blast, welding and geological prospecting
  • Forge long-term strategic partnerships and joint ventures with foreign operators.



World Trading & Services intervenes in projects focused on :

  • The exploitation and the use of alternative energies as well as the mastery of the technological innovations inherent to the exploitation of these energies with foreign companies having an expertise and a know-how in the matter.
  • The implementation of innovative pilot projects for the dissemination and production of clean alternative energies
  • The design and supply of a diversified range of photovoltaic panels and components for the solar industry according to the customer's requirements and in compliance with the current standards
  • Assist in the development of new poles dedicated to training and research in these new fields to achieve the objectives of the energy transition
  • Recycling of urban and agricultural waste (biomass) to generate electricity
  •   To ensure optimal energy efficiency, the company provides quality after-sales service



World Trading & Services in the following:


  • The exploitation and export of fresh fish products to Europe (pelagic and demersal species) as well as cephalopods (octopus, squid and cuttlefish) to Japan and Europe. The other species of fish such as the African mix (horse mackerel, sardines and sardinella) in frozen are exported to African countries.
  • Chartering of foreign vessels (trawlers, tuna boats, shrimp boats, purse seiners, etc.)
  • To establish partnerships in the fisheries sector with foreign shipowners and investors.